Saturday, October 20, 2007


Movie : Om Shanti Om ( 2007 )
Song : Dard-E-Disco
Original Singer: Sukhwinder Singh
Music : Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Sung By : Vishal

For the love of Sukhwinder, here is a raging number Dard-E-Disco from the upcoming movie Om Shanti Om.

The lyrics are bit silly at times and I was shocked to see Javed Sahab penning this one ..but I guess the song situation demanded it ;-) Sukhwinder is clearly the highlight of the song ..Oh wait a minute, its Shahrukh's six-pack abs ..I feel for Deepika, when the USP of the movie is not the leading lady of the movie but Shahrukh's toned body ..hehe ..

Well Sukhwinder does excel at such numbers and I sometimes envy his voice ! The range and the power in his voice is unmatchable..Also his songs are not easy by any means ..I think they are there to just listen and enjoy, not for singing is the most in-demand singer in Bollywood and almost every movie demands one item number from him :-) ..

Now increase the sound volume and get your dancing shoes ;-)

Click here to Download the File.


Harshan said...

Great singing Vishal. Your voice is very much suitable for these kinds of songs and the performance stands out ..

Great job once again are on a roar :-)

Pradip Somasundaran said...

wonderful vishal! Keep it up....

.:: Rosh ::. said...

wow that was a cool song to jump-start my sunday morning.
your singing style is very impressive, keep up the good work.

Paras said...

I like the Middle Eastern touch in this song.
You sang it with passion. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hay Vishal,
Haven't heard this song before. First time listening. Great!
Couldn't stop shaking/dancing...(smile)

Keep Singing... me listening,

Jothi said...

Very nice treat as usual. Wonderful singing and nice expressions. Enjoyed this song. Keep it up.

Soumitra said...

very good singing :)

reshma said...

hi vishal,
as usual wonderful...
perfect singing. keep it up.

Bharti said...


Loved your singing in this song !! I haven't heard the original but I am sure your rendition will be very close to it !! The track is excellent !!!

Asim Ghosh said...

Nice song for your voice Vishal. Man, you got me rocking in my seat here.

Sing the other romantic # from OSO, "Main Agar Kahoon"..

Vishal said...

Harshan, Thank you, Thank you very much :-)
Pradipji, Thanks for visiting and your feedback ..Its a pleasure and pride to have you comment on my song :-)
Rosh, Glad I could make your Sunday pleasurable ;-)
Paras, The tune is very catchy,just couldn't resist singing ;-)
Shantha, Yep the song makes you wanna dance ;-)
Jothi, Welcome to the blog ! ..Glad you enjoyed the song ...Please keep visiting :-)
Soumitra, Thnx ! :-)
Reshma, Thnx :-)
Bharti, Yep excellent track which just makes you wanna sing ;-)
Asimda, Thanks for visiting ...will try "Main Agar Kahoon", if I find the K track ;-)

Sabari Girish said...

That was absolutely beautiful.It is really a pleasure to listen to you.

Sultan said...

Vishal - visiting your blog for first time..good job on this song..enjoyed listening to your other songs too..bhool jaa, ghar se nikalte, nirvana..all nicely sung.. i really liked ur concept of the video voiceover in main aisa kyun hoon..really tempting to emulate tht one day, if u dont mind :)..keep up the good work man..

Vishal said...

Sabari and Sultan,

Its a pleasure to have you here on my blog :-) ..Glad you enjoyed the song ..and thanks for your comments ...Keep visiting :-)


Azam Khan said...

Vishal, you seem to be on a roll. Excellent singing! Heard all of your recent songs and loved this one and "Ramta Jogi" the best! You sang your heart out ;)

Vishal said...


Thanks a ton for your kind words and compliments :-)


Deblina M. said...

Hey Vishal,

Rocking performance !

Keep it up !!


Vishal said...

Thanks Deblina :-) ..Glad you liked it ..!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Vishal,
wonderful, you sing so well. keep it up.

Sowmya said...

Beautifully sung ! Enjoyed it :)

Vishal said...

Thanks Sowmya :-)

Awatts said...

Guess have missed all these wonderful renditions....wonderful!