Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon

Movie : Lakshya ( 2004 )
Song : Main Aisa Kyun Hoon
Original Singer: Shaan
Music : Shankar, Ehsan, Loy
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Sung By : Vishal

Well here is a cool song from the movie Lakshya, which could be one of the best choreographed dances in Indian Cinema ! It didn't surprise me when I came to know that, this was choreographed by Prabhudeva. Well..when people are talking more about the song than the movie, it gotta be special ..lol ;-) ..This is not your usual Bollywood stuff and rightly so, Prabhudeva won the Filmfare award for this.

Watch Hrithik in some of his unbelievable moves ..of course listen to my singing as well while at it ;-) ..

Click here to Download the File.

Video Of This Song With My Voice :


Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed it a lot with the video !! It was awesome !! I think one of your best performances !!!
The way you sang 'kyun hoon' with the nasal touch !! was simply perfect !!
Keep it up !!


Paras said...

It does increase the entertainment value by adding the video. Well done Vishal!

Vidyu said...

wow!!! :) ok..double wow..one for the video and one for the singing :)

Deblina M. said...

Hi Vishal,

You have done a remarkable job with this song. Great work !!


Harshan said...

As I was watching the video ..I almost forgot that I was listening to your rendition and not the original :-)

Perfect singing, voice modulations ...and the video was just cool.

Excellent job.

reshma said...

hi vishal,
i heard ur song.you have sung it beautifully. great work. keep singing.

vaibhav123 said...

Vishal..this is another of your cool songs! great job!

Anonymous said...

Hay Vishal,
Thanks for sharing this song with us. As always great singing. Video dubbing is cool too. Keep these numbers coming.

Keep Singing.... me listening,

Soumitra said...

I have never heard the original but it wont be much different to your rendition :) Keep it up :)

Vishal said...

Bharti, Thanks for visiting and your kind words :-)
Paras, Glad you enjoyed the song with the video as well :-)
Vidyu, Thanks :-)
Deblina, Thanks for visiting :-) ..Appreciate your time !
Harshan, Thanks for the detailed feedback ..
Reshma, Welcome to the blog ...Thanks for appreciating my effort...please keep visting ..:-)
Shantha, thanks for the good words :-)
Soumitra, Thnx :-)

Sowmya said...

Amazing Vishal !.After a long time, I visit ur blog.Lovely singing ! :)

Jack said...

Nice vishal... i dont know hindi but this song is one of my favorite. Your voice is perfect for this song. All the Best...

Natasha said...

Very cool! I love this song and though it male version I like to sing it. This song is for your voice.
Music is perfect! Have you made this music ?