Saturday, June 09, 2007

Main Hoon Don

Movie : Don ( 2006 )
Song : Main Hoon Don
Original Singer: Shaan
Music : Shankar, Ehsan, Loy
Lyrics : Javed Akhtar
Sung By : Vishal

In this age of sequels/remakes mania, bollywood is not far behind either..While hollywood does a good job at it sometimes..bollywood spares nothing to ruin the classics ..;-) ..Other songs like "Yeh Mera Dil" and "Khaike Pan Banaras Wala" from the movie were quite disappointments but I like the new "Main Hoon Don" song. Shaan is pretty impressive on this one. This is my attempt ..Hope you like it :-).

Click here to Download the File.

Taking a cue from Pradip, I have also added a video of the song :-)

Video Of This Song With My Voice :

Friday, June 08, 2007

Jadoo Teri Nazar

Movie : Darr
Song : Jadoo Teri Nazar
Original Singer: Udit Narayan
Music : Shiv-Hari
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi
Sung By : Vishal

Ahh ..Did I just forget about my blog ?? ;-) Looks like I did but I hope you guys didn't...;-) ... I know I haven't updated it for a loooong time so coming up with one of my older recordings..Hope I have managed to do some justice to this wonderful song !

Click here to Download the File.