Sunday, November 04, 2007

Zaara Jhoom Jhoom

Movie : Tom,Dick, and Harry ( 2006 )
Song : Zaara Jhoom Jhoom
Original Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Music : Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics : Sameer
Sung By : Vishal

Ah ..Himesh Reshammiya ...The name itself is enough for many to boil their blood ..Opinions are divided on him and he has been criticized right about everything from his nasal twang, cap, dressing style etc etc ..Well despite that, he is immensely popular due to his style of music based on pop and techno beats, which is tuned with the current generation. He boasts of 36 hits in a year !

It's not like I LOVE these type of songs but someone has to sing it ;-) .....Apparently many Bollywood singers criticize him too but I guess that's because he sings his own hit songs he has won "Filmfare Best Male Playback" Award in 2006 for "Aashiq Banaya Aapne" ! Can't argue with that ;-)

Just trying something different for fun but I promise a meaningful song next time ;-)

Click here to Download the File.


Harshan said...

Vishal this was just awesome !! You have done a remarkable job ...emulating Himesh....

excellent job...I really loved this rendition ...I would say this is better than the original ...honestly.

Good going ...keep it up and do record these kinds of songs it show cases the different genres of songs you can sing.

Soumitra said...

wonderfully done :) Bahut maza aaya :)

Vidyu said...

Vishal, u r almost apologising for having sung a Himesh song!!! :D :D :D
i am not a big fan of his but
just heard the original and wow! u've done a great job with it ..liked the mixing too :)
u certainly are on a roll! keep rolling! :)

hey, cld u plse get rid of the word verification? keep losing my comment! :(

Vishal said...

Appreciate your generous comments :-) ..Thank you so much ..!

Soumitra, Glad you liked it :-)

hehe ..was I ? lol ...I thought people won't appreciate these new funky songs but glad you liked it :-) ..I have removed the word verification ..sorry for the trouble caused !


Dinesh said...

Jiyo mere Yaar! Very powerful and energetic singing.
Must say that you have a cinematic and most appealing voice of todays genres which fits every mood. Keep up the good singing!


Deblina M. said...

Wow!! Kya baat hai !

Hope Himesh listens to this too ... shayad wo bhi jhoom jaaye :D


Paras said...

I have not heard this one before..but I can visualise you bringing the house down! :)

Bharti said...

Loved your singing in this song !! especially the way you sang 'Dhoooom Dhoomm' was superb !!

I am not a Himesh Reshmiya songs fan but liked your singing in
this one !!

Vishal said...

Deblina, Paras and Bharti,

Appreciate your time and kind words very much :-) ..


Anonymous said...

Hay Vishal,
Boy... I am hearing new songs ... this one too I haven't heard before and this is the first time..from you. Definitely it is pop and techno as you said. Enjoyed the song besides I am not a big fan of Himesh Reshammiya.

Keep Singing... me listening,

RK said...

Excellent singing .. great energy. Enjoyed it. Keep it up.

Asim Ghosh said...

Nice job Vishal! I admire how you venture into singing all genre of songs, be it a Udit, Kishore, Rafi, and now Himesh. And each song brings the best of you, because, I can say you 'enjoy' singing each #. Bravo!
Observations: "saathiya" strained your voice a little; and, next time use little more treble while singing Himesh, that would bring out the sharpness even better.
When is "Main Agar Kahoon" releasing on your blog?
Any Manna De songs in the pipeline? Try one?

Marutham said...

Believe it or not :) for few minutes i was waiting to hear the blogger's version..but then realised the song is over IT WAS YOU!! Unbelievable..u sounded very much like Himesh himself...No offence!
But too good...
Job well done :)

Vishal said...

Thank you SO much friends for listening and your good words :-) ..

Shantha : I'm not a big fan of Himesh but I do enjoy some of his songs ;-) ...Thanks for listening and your comments ..

RK : Thanks for your kinds words :-)

Asimda : Thanks for the inputs ..will keep in mind next time :-) ..As time permits will work on the songs requested :-) ..Thanks again !

Marutham : Glad you enjoyed it ..and no offence taken ;-) ..Please keep visiting ..


Darvin said...

Good Job!!
Energetic singing!!

Awatts said...

I thought it was the original bit in the beginning and guess what only later i got the fact that its you singing!!! wow...awesome..

s.j.simon said...

Nobody rocks like Himesh! I just discovered lyrics for his songs. I think the site rocks too! Keep rocking Himesh…

krishna S said...

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