Thursday, September 04, 2008

Saawariya - Title Song

Movie : Saawariya
Song : Saawariya Saawariya Title
Original Singers: Shail Hada
Music : Monty Sharma
Lyrics : Sameer
Sung By : Vishal

I recently came across an article about Monty Sharma and came to know that he did the background score for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Black. Although background score is very much a thankless task in Bollywood, I believe it played an equally important role in success of all these movies, especially Black. Saawariya marks the debut of Monty Sharma as a music director.

Music has been always the hallmark of Bhansali's movies and it must have been an unbelievable burden for a virtually debutant music director to take on the task of composing the tracks for such a big film. I was pretty sure he must have done a great job as I found out Monty is a nephew of music maestro Pyarelal Sharma (of Laxmikant - Pyarelal duo).

Till now I knew only one song from this movie - Jabse Tere Naina, which I love and so I decided to listen to all the songs. I started with the title track by Shail Hada and just couldn't get past it ! What a voice and singing ! Bhansali sure has a keen eye for talent and after showcasing Shreya Ghoshal so beautifully in Devdas, here we have yet another singer evidently soaked with talent.

The song kept haunting me for days and finally I found a good karaoke track to record it. Yep struggled a bit on high notes but hope I have managed to do some justice to this wonderful song ! Please listen at your convenience :-)


Saawariya Title Song (Shail Hada Cover) at

Click here to Download the File.


AJ said...


Kudos to you are fantastic, brilliant, rocking and mindblowing in this song.......long time i have waited for u to post a new song song and u have come back with a bang with the title track of Sawariya......u have a very contemporary voice which i have always loved....just like Shaan...i have a request for u....can u sing Tanha Dil by Shaan.....i believe u will come out with flying colors with it....

This song is going in my car and its gonna keep me hooked to ur voice for this month atleast....

there were a couple of places, like "teri hi parchaiya hai...." which sounded slightly off pitch but not a big deal, could be mixing as i can understand mixing for such song can be so difficult.....who better than me understand as i goof up in the mixing part

Personally, I loved ur rendition to the core and hope u sing my request soon...

Best Regards,

Dinesh Pithia said...

Afreen! Saawariya...beautiful rendition. Man U really rocked and have sung very nicely. It had been a long wait from you, but you have sung this with great brilliance.


Vaishali said...


Just listened to your song...Great pick!
As always, terrific energy...and emotions.
Loved the yodelling too:) and you've handled the transitions amazingly well!!
Overall, superb rendition!

soumitra said...

Very well sung...emotions were excellent and your voice sounds very melodious in this rendition:) Keep updating more frequently :)

Vidyu said...


abs. loved it! like my 'fav' says..mindblowing!!! fantastic!!! fantabulous!!! :-D

One of ur best so far..a perfect song for ur voice :)

don't go into hibernation..please keep updating regularly! :-))

Leena said...

wow, beautifully sung Vishal, really suits ur voice, loved the yodelling, too good. Keep them coming.

Srividya Kasturi said...

Absolutely brilliant, Vishal..I love this song and you have sung so beautifully..Yodelling was very nice too:)
Must try Pehli Nazar Mein as well..:)

Awatts said...

Awesome Vishal!!!

Yep I agree with Vidyu that you should really post more songs...well done!!

deblina said...


Wow ! What a rendition ! It suited your voice soo much . Bahut hi dil se gaya hai :)

Great going !


Vishal said...

AJ, Thanks for such a detailed feedback and your generous words ! Your encouragement means a lot. Well.. perfect singing is still a luxury but I give my best ...Will definitely try Tanha Dil soon :) ..

Dineshji, Hausla afzai ka shukriya ! Glad you enjoyed the song as much I enjoyed singing it.

Vaishali, Thanks for your feedback ! Appreciate it :)

Soumitra, Thanks for listening and your comments ...Will try my best to be more active :-)

Vidyu, Those are BIG words ;-) ..means a lot coming from you ! Hopefully the workload won't be that crazy and I will get to sing more often ..


Vishal said...

Hey Leena Good to see you on the blog ! Thanks for listening and your comments ..When are you going to update your blog ? :-)

Vidya Thank you so much ! I like Pehli Nazar Mein song as well ...will keep in mind your request :-)

Ajitha Thanks ! Agree I should post more..The workload was quite crazy and lost touch..Will contact you soon !

Deblina Thank you thank you :-)


Harshan said...

Vishal ..sorry for being late..I guess all the adjectives have been used here .. :-)

Beautiful singing and voice modulations ...very professional indeed ...being a Mumbaiker orginally ...using a word which no one has used here ...ek dam Zakaaas !!!!! :-)

N V Krishnan said...

Hi Vishal...

A tough song like this one was quite well handled by you. You did very good justice to the song...

Keep it up..


Jenni said...

Good choice of song and very well sung. I really liked the energy you had in this song.
Keep singing.

Vishal said...

Harshan, Kya shendi lagata hai merekoo ? :-)) ..kidding ...Thanks for listening and appreciate your feedback ! :-)

NVK Sir, Welcome to my blog ...Thanks for the encouraging words ..please keep visiting !

Jenni, Thank you so much ..Glad you liked it ..:-)


Bhavana said...

Woww!Kai mast awaaz ala aahe tuzha ya ganyat!!Superb!!Yodelling is great! I liked the way you handled the falsetto.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vishal,

Wow just heard your song....oh my gosh you have rocked this song :).....beautiful singing!!!! good as original :)...loved every bit of it.....bas aise hi gaate raho :)

Take care,

Vishal said...

Bhavana and Kuntal,

Thanks you so much for listening. Appreciate your time and remarks! :-)


Nandita said...

Wonderful! Enjoyed it a loot. You sing really really well. I noticed people requesting songs above so thought I will also make additions to the list :). Would be nice to hear either "beetein lamhe" or "mausam" from "The Train". Another good one will be "Woh bheege pal" from "Manorama six feet..". I think I better stop before I think of more songs :).

Vishal said...


Thanks a lot for listening and your encouraging comments :-) ...I haven't heard any of the songs you have mentioned but will try to sing one of these when time permits ..:-)


Smitha said...

Lovely! Enjoyed ur rendition! Keep the songs coming :-)

Indian Music said...

Vowww, really sweet Vishal :) loved it

Vishal said...

Smitha and Indian Music,

Appreciate your kind feedback :-)


Somas said...

Amazing dude! Keep rocking!!

Neel said...

Amazing voice dude..!! great.. i loved ur singing.. even i am a rookie singing and have started recently.. I would like to take a few tips from you if you dont mind. please let me know when will it be possible. My email id is, do drop a mail when you find time.
I just loved your singing..!!
Keep up the good work..
God bless u..

Anonymous said...

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mrknaughty said...

nice work

Praveen said...

Excellent rendition of such a difficult song. Kudos to you.

sargamusa said...

Nice Rendering of thise Most Difficult song u have good range of ur voice liked it very well

- Yogesh

sargamusa said...

Nice JOB !!

Anonymous said...

Really good post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, really.

sheetal gajbhiye said...

best of all the songs u hav sung...i loved it.....khup chaan:))